Bridge and Math


  • Students who have a natural propensity towards Math will find the game of Bridge both challenging and rewarding.
  • For children that don’t, Bridge provides a fun way to improve their skills in critical thinking and math.

Numbers and Operations

Students incorporate multiple evaluation methods to assess their hand’s value

along with their partner’s and how to weigh these findings.

 Algebra Players reason from the bidding and play and visualize what they can accomplish with the help of their partner.
Problem Solving Each hand amounts to a set of problems that must be evaluated and re-evaluated in the span of a few minutes.
Reasoning and Proof Any player who can take the remaining tricks so states in the form of a proof. Flaws in the proof can result in automatic scoring adjustments.

Questions and reasoning arise during bidding and play which require clear and complete explanation. Partnerships must also agree to non-verbal cues

admissible by the rules.

 Representation Bridge hands can be communicated on paper using a universally-accepted set of symbols.