About Raleigh Junior Bridge

Raleigh Junior Bridge is a non-profit corporation offering children and young adults the opportunity to learn and play the card game of bridge.


All contributions to RJB are fully tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service.

What is Bridge?


Bridge is a card game invented over 100 years ago and is still being played around the world. Unlike other games that you master and quit playing because they no longer challenge you, bridge is a game that offers continuous challenges, new situations to be analyzed every time you play, and a complex and intriguing language to be learned and mastered.

Who Plays Bridge?


Kids just like you are learning bridge all over the world, in every country.  The game of bridge has no boundaries. Children of any age, gender, physical ability, or economic resources can learn and enjoy bridge. In bridge, everyone plays...no one sits on the sidelines!